Call for Proposals

Frequently Asked Questions​

The date of release for the 2017-2018 Call for Proposals has not been established yet but is anticipated to be in September 2017.

Below are FAQs related to the 2016-2017 Call for Proposals, which is NOW CLOSED.

  1. If selected for funding, what steps need to be in place to access the data?
    • Investigators will need to:
      • Have a background check;
      • Complete HIPAA training, if they have not done it in the past year;
      • Work with Envolve Center staff to set up VPN access through a secure workstation, most likely located at the Envolve Center for Health Behavior Change; and
      • Submit an IRB protocol and receive approval if the requested data include protected health information (PHI).
    • They will also be given information on the terms of the Washington University-Envolve PeopleCareTM contract and need to sign a form acknowledging they understand the terms.

  2. Will the funding cover indirect costs?
    The funding will only cover direct costs related to the proposed project.

  3. Can faculty outside of Washington University apply?
    At this time, the Call for Proposals is limited to Washington University faculty only.

  4. Can students or post-doctoral fellows apply?
    At this time, only Washington University faculty may apply for funding and access, although they may choose to support staff or students on the project through awarded funds.

  5. When will applicants be notified of an award?
    The Envolve Center anticipates making funding announcements in November 2016 with possible start dates of mid-November or by early December 2016.

  6. Has a date been scheduled for the presentation of results to Envolve Center leadership?
    The date has not yet been set for the meeting that will include presentation of results. Typically, joint face-to-face meetings between Washington University and Centene Corporation/Envolve PeopleCare™ take place each spring and fall. Researchers will be notified in a timely manner when a date has been scheduled to assist them in developing their presentation.